I am a medical doctor and an international public health specialist, using a diverse range of methodologies (evidence synthesis, qualitative research, lot quality assurance sampling, delphi surveys) for policy and practice relevant research. As a methodologist, I work in a disease-agnostic manner, but my recent work has a concentration on snakebite, injuries and COVID-19 (health systems). I am also interested in justice and equity in the research and global health ecosystem.

I currently head the Meta-Research and Evidence Synthesis Unit, George Institute for Global Health, where I lead a team of researchers. I am an Associate Editor, BMJ Global Health. I am also a PhD candidate in UNSW. I studied international public health in Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK and medicine in Bankura Sammilani Medical College, India.

My work frequently informs policies and guidelines of multinational organisations, national and sub-national governments and public agencies, garners media traction , and contributes to public discourse.

Apart from research, I enjoy reading, museums, nature, musicals , and adda” (আড্ডা).

The big picture, I chase professionally is to use science for enabling just and sustainable transformation of systems, policies and societies toward better health and well-being of communities and nations.

Photo by Janntul Hasan on Pexels.com
Photo by favasktni on Pexels.com