Breaking The Myth Of Medical Research

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Well almost every other person on the planet will tell you that research is for the nerds. It’s for the absent minded people who don’t mind if they are under-paid or over-worked or heartless. Then why take up research at all- and that too in the undergraduate level. And medical science which has so much logic, the fun of discovery inculcated in every patient one deals with often blurs the need for students to engage in the (perceived) non-productive venture called research.
Most of the Students will vouch that they are already overstressed. With about 21 topics to gobble up in such a short span most students end up being contended with such syllabi-oriented study. Only about 10-15% students are knowledge hungry and a very small percentage of them (1-2%) interested in research1 So is medical research in the UG level just for this microscopic minority?

Without going into the…

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