Three Friends Or Three Idiots!!

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Once upon a time in a far-far away land in a hostel room of a certain medical college a group of three friends(called idiots in the title to grab some eyeballs!! ) discovered in the internet a call for undergraduate medical research papers by the premier research institute of their nation.
Gung-Ho about their new found passion for research these friends ran to their favourite subject professors to do gather some idea on this..  The professors after much deliberation and thinking came up with simple one line solutions.

  1. “Ohh! You  can just copy a part from my PGT’s thesis.”
    That sounded great to Idiot # 1 .Too happy he retires in hostel to dream about the how he can spend the 5000 bucks he is supposed to get as a research grant.
  2. “You don’t have a proposal. Please don’t waste my time. Bring the proposal”, shouted the HOD to  Idiot…

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