Snake-bite deaths in West Bengal

The Union Health and Family Welfare Minister, Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad, informed the Lok Sabha in April 2012 that there had been a total of 1440 deaths due to snake-bites in India in 2011. He added that as many as 380 of these cases were from West Bengal, 296 from Odisha and 258 from Andhra Pradesh…‘In a nationwide study by Mohapatra et al., it is stated that there are 45 900 snake-bite deaths every year all over the country. The differences between these figures indicate that there is gross under-reporting of snake-bite deaths throughout the nation.’ The study by Mohapatra et al., published in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases in April 2011 (2011;5:e1018), was based on verbal autopsies or field reports and covered 1.1 million homes throughout the nation.

Read the complete article by Dr Soumyadeep B at : The  National Medical Journal of India (Open Access)

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  1. Dr. Basudev Mukherjee says:

    MR. Bijon Bhattacharya of ‘Canning Juktibadi Sanskritik Sanstha’, Canning is working for the last thirty years about snake-bite in West Bengal. So if you want any genuine information please contact with him. I think no body knows like him the exact problem of so many snake-bite deaths in West Bengal .

  2. Nakul Jana says:

    Snake bite deaths are grossly under reported due to lack of awareness. There is compensation of one lakh which is not known in villages. Govt should setup a recording system of snake bite and death cases like child birth in villages. The same setup can be used for both human birth & death and snake bite & death cases. I think some compensation in case of snake bite cases will encourage the people to report it for benefit like injury cases of human and animal conflict. I suggest there should l be some compensation of snakebite injured person who recovers and footing of all medical expenses by govt. — Nakul Jana 09836477465

  3. Angana Bhattacharya says:

    Dear doctor,
    This is really nice of you that you open a blog about so important issue. I need your expert advise about a incident happened to my husband, 10 days ago.
    The day was Thursday. My hubby was bitten by a snake, at 12.30 am at night. Because he was busy to cleaning his snake bite wounds he wasn’t able to see the snake. There are two bitten marks of snake’s fang in his toe.This is very unfortunate that nobody in our family saw the snake.
    After that we take him to Bangur Hospital, and after several tests there was no sign of snake venom in his body. But he felt severe pain, extreme thrust,no toilet at all, high blood pressure 160/86, high rate pulse. There is a little kidney infection started after two days of the snake bite. He had severe temperature and he was behaving like a confused person, ( meaning less talking).

    So, my question is to you that what kind of snake bite him?
    What will happened to my hubby in a long run? will the venom gradually go away, or there are more damage occur in his body?
    What will be our next step to take care of him?

    Is it possible for you to give me your clinic address, we live in Garia Boral,
    Thanking you.
    Angana Bhattacharya.

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