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The RTI expose in this Blog on post offices in New Delhi lacking facilties for the disabled higlighted in the post “India Post: “Paper Tigers” in “ease of access for the disabled”  published on the 1st of November 2012 as a Guest Editorial by Dr Satendra Singh , the phenomenal man behind the RTI expose has been today (5th November 2012) featured in the first page of one of the oldest and most respected national dailies The Statesman.(Click on Image )

This is phenomenal in the sense that this blog which is a new start-up has started the feature of Guest Editorial only last fortnight. The reporter was forwarded the link to the blog along with the scanned copies of the RTI replies and she has picked this up and highlighted this to the world. With this my belief on the power of the Social Media (Blogs,Facebook and LinkedIn etc) is further affirmed. I have also decided to make the Guest Editorial feature more regular and expand it to include uninvited Guest Editorials too.   So if you have an issue to highlight (of course related to health or medicine) or just a thought on what needs to change or your perspective on something which disturbs you (or makes you happy )  you are welcome to drop a comment for me with your  mail id in any of the Guest Editorials. Just remember the editorial scrutiny is tight and it should be a minimum of 500 words (no upper word limits)AND IT SHOULD BE ON HEALTH OR MEDICINE .

Affiliations or the alphabets behind your name or the salutations in the front of it will not be taken into editorial consideration . So young guns with all the gung-ho are as welcome to contribute as much as the grey haired with all the worldy wisdom in them.

Why write here ?

The blog has a niche group of readership and articles /issues of have been later published in leading health magazines like Your Health of Indian Medical  Association etc. If your article is great enough (like the one by Dr Satendra Singh) you have the chance to showcase it to the world.  The social media spread is a given .

Cheers : )


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