On a National snake bite survey in India in BMJ Blogs

…Snake bites are estimated to cause more than 45,900 deaths in India, and affect millions of Indians—most of them from socially and economically disadvantaged sections of the society. Strangely however, in India the species-syndrome correlation has never been studied and the appropriate dosage requirements for treatment have not been found. As was evident from the data and protocols presented by 15 centres from across India, there are wide variations in anti-venom dosage and administrations, their indications for usage, their adverse effect profile, and even the standards of care adopted. All of the experts at the workshop, who probably represented the entire gamut of possible management procedures, wondered how in spite of managing snake bites for at least a century there is still no evidence about how best to treat them…

Read the entire blog by Dr. Soumydeep Bhaumik on the National Snake bite survey in India on BMJ Blogs here (OPEN Access)

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  1. Neil Pakenham-Walsh, UK says:

    Dear Soumyadeep, Congratulations on your mulitple publications – fantastic! Please can you forward this one also to HIFA2015@dgroups.org Many thanks, neil

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