This list is an incomplete preliminary list which will be updated soon.

  1. From trials to the bedside: convalescent plasma during the COVID-19 pandemic. Talk within Seminar on Use of convalescent plasma in patients hospitalised with COVID-19. ISARIC, Oxford University. 10th June 2021 [Invited talk ]
  2. Evidence, Decision Making and Policy for COVID-19. Virtual symposium series on public health by The Ashoka University & The George Institute for Global Health: 9th November 2020 [Co-Chair]
  3. Snakebite: a neglected global health challenge. The School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW Sydney. 24th June 2020. [Invited Talk]
  4. Why are Indian clinical practice guidelines the way they are? National Symposium on Evidence Synthesis for Medicine, Public Health and Social Development. New Delhi, April 10-12, 2019. [Talk in Organized Session]
  5. The “nuts and bolts” of rapid evidence synthesis: what does the process look like? National Consultation on Rapid evidence Synthesis for health systems and policy decision making. April 11, 2019.  New Delhi. India. [Talk in Organised Session]
  6. Setting research priorities for   neglected tropical diseases: introducing the evidence sandwich model. Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata: 6th March 2014 [Keynote to Panel Discussion]