Lesson to Learn from The Death of a Celebrity

One fine morning in the autumn of 2012 Indians were informed about the sad demise of the greatest comedian’s of post liberalisation India, Jaspal Bhatti .  ” Bhatti was sitting in the rear seat of the car and received serious head injuries which killed him.”–was the entire summary of the end of the life of a humorist who had an uncanny ability to laugh at himself while exposing serious issues of importance to the common man .  In death too he exposed anomalies in India’s motor safety laws and the lackadaisical attitude of those supposed to maintain it.

For starters, there is a whole lot of confusion about the offence one commits when travelling without seat belts while sitting in the rear seat of the car in India .Continue reading “Lesson to Learn from The Death of a Celebrity”

Snake-bite deaths in West Bengal

The Union Health and Family Welfare Minister, Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad, informed the Lok Sabha in April 2012 that there had been a total of 1440 deaths due to snake-bites in India in 2011. He added that as many as 380 of these cases were from West Bengal, 296 from Odisha and 258 from Andhra Pradesh…‘In a nationwide study by Mohapatra et al., it is stated that there are 45 900 snake-bite deaths every year all over the country. The differencesContinue reading “Snake-bite deaths in West Bengal”