NUHM : A Step Closer to Universal Health Coverage

With better economic opportunities in urban India, there has been an exponential growth in the urban population, especially in the unorganized slums. According to Census 2011, the urban population is around 31% in India. However the health infrastructure in urban slums remains poor.With “farmers” being the ‘holy grail in Indian Politics’, public health programmes have always been traditionally focussed on rural areas. In fact there is no definite health system in urban India. A multitude of agencies are involved with delivery of  health care in towns and cities often leading to a scenario where confusion reigns and inequitable access to health care rules. The fast growth in urban population in general and the urban poor in particular, has lead to unplanned growth. Hence, it is vital that the urban health be given the due importance. Realising this, the government has already conceived for NUHM (National Urban Health Mission).Continue reading “NUHM : A Step Closer to Universal Health Coverage”